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May '18 Health Bulletin

Nanofibres a cure for atherosclerosis?

A study on mice has found that nanofibres can be a useful treatment to target atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis are plaques that form in the arteries which are commonly associated with high cholesterol levels. Over time, these plaques narrow the arteries and may lead to heart attacks. Researchers found that over a 8 week treatment period, plaques could be reduced by 9-11%. 

New treatment for antibiotic resistant infections

A team of scientists from Australia have identified a specific chemical found in a tobacco plant that may treat antibiotic resistant Candida infections. This is important as we soon will be running out of options with our current stable of medications. 

Better Diet = Bigger Brain

A long-running study published in the journal Neurology has associated better diet with increased brain volume. The author postulates that improving brain quality may be a good strategy to deal with cognitive decline and dementia later in life. "High intake of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts, dairy and fish and low intake of sugar containing beverages were associated with larger brain volumes".


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