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June '18 Health News

Premature Birth Test Being Trialled

Preterm births are quite common in the world; 15 million babies are born premature. 

Researchers from Stanford University developed a procedure where RNA taken from the bloodstream is analyzed. Gestational age predictions are as good as that of ultrasounds and very effective for predicting preterm births. This will lead to better care for women who may not have access to ultrasound screening. 

Research finds the perfect amount of alcohol consumption

There is conflicting evidence to the health effects of alcohol. There are studies that show some benefit to alcohol (antioxidants, helping with memory), while others suggest that it will shorten your lifespan. For those who like to have an occasional drink, this paper will brighten your day. Results showed that one to three drinks a week is optimal. In comparison, they fared slightly better than those who drank less than one drink a week and significantly better who drank more than three times a week.

Association found between stress and autoimmune disease

A large scale study, published in JAMA, involving over a million people and 30 years of data has found an association between stress and autoimmune diseases. Results showed that suffering from a diagnosed stress related disorder (like PTSD for example), increased your chance of also suffering from an autoimmune disease by 30-40 percent. 


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