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Happy Chinese New Years!

Welcome to 2018! It's a new year and of course time for some self reflection and planning for the upcoming year. Make this the year you look after your health.

The Year of the Dog

The upcoming year in the Chinese zodiac calendar is the year of the Dog. The Chinese zodiac is based on a twelve year cycle and each year is assigned a different zodiac animal (i.e. tiger, rabbit, snake). The Chinese calendar is based on the lunar calendar and therefore the New Years falls on different days every year. The year of the Dog will start on February 16th.

If you were born in 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 or 2006, then your Chinese zodiac sign is a Dog. It is said those born in the year of the Dog are objective people, constructive and efficient thinkers. Devoted to their ideas, but will comply with the rules set by the majority. Obvservant and cautious; they will establish values from which they will rarely deviate.

It's Like Astrology

The Chinese zodiac is similar in idea to the Western astrology; there is the idea that one's fortunes can be tied to their zodiac sign and the cyclical forces of the universe. Good news is this year of the dog will bring prosperity to all, regardless of which zodiac sign you are. However, it is predicted that good health may be more difficult this year. It is the ideal time to start eating healthy, doing exercise and getting rid of bad habits.

Make this best of this year and look after your health. Take the time for self care and prosperity will surely follow!


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